Over 70 Varieties of Made-to-order Gourmet Popcorn
  • Popcorn of the Month "SAVORY" Edition

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    If the order is placed after the 20th of the month, the membership will start in the next month. 


    The gift that keeps on giving, every month throughout the year.  Sample 2 gourmet savory varieties each month, for as many months as you wish.


    The cost is $6.50 per month.  Each shipment includes the flavors listed for the month (in chart below), a certificate detailing your gift message, and how many more months the recipient is to receive.  Each bag of popcorn contains 7 - 8 cups of popcorn. 


    You can order as many months as you wish.  You do not have to purchase an entire year's worth, although that's the best way to sample most of our varieties.



    Simply select the number of months you wish to purchase in the "QTY" field above. We will send them out consecutively, beginning with the month purchased.  If you wish to create a custom mailing schedule, check the box beside "Custom Shipping Schedule" above, then fill in the text box with your needs.  For example: if you purchase 3 months, then enter "ship in January, March, & May 2017" for the custom mailing schedule.  You must enter a gift message, even if it's for yourself.   


    We are sorry we cannot ship months out of order.  March ships in March, July ships in July.


    US Postal Service Priority Mail charges will be added during checkout. 



    Flavors will change from year to year.  Flavors can change without notice.  You the purchaser will be sent a confirmation email, that includes a tracking number, when the packages ship each month. The shipments go out around the 17th thru 22nd of each month, depending on weekends and holidays.




    The current schedule is as follows:

    • December ‘17

            Parmesan Garlic

    • January '18

            Olive Oil


    • February '18

            Sour Cream & Cheese        

    • March '18

            Bacon & Cheese
            Vinegar & Salt        

    • April '18

            Cheddar Pretzel Ale
            Creamy Dill        

    • May '18

            Honey Mustard
            Pepper Cheese        

    • June '18

            Cheddar (yellow)

    • July '18

            Frank's RedHot®
            Old Bay        

    • August '18

            Parmesan Garlic
            Spicy Buffalo        

    • September '18

            Nacho Cheese        

    • October '18

            Garlic & Cheddar        

    • November '18

            Cheddar & Sour Cream

    • December '18
            White Cheddar


    Savory flavor bags measure approximately 8 cups in volume.

    All of our popcorn is produced in a facility that handles peanuts, and tree nuts.