Popcorn Willy


About Us


Popcorn Willy is a family owned and operated business, dedicated to making fresh, quality products for our customers to enjoy. We have breakfast and lunch items available at our restaurant, along with popcorn (of course), other snacks, beverages, and gifts.  Our internet customers can enjoy made to order popcorn and other snack food items. 


 Founded in 1991 by Bill "Willy" Wolfe, and now owned and operated by Cherie & Mark, Popcorn Willy is backed with 27 years of industry experience. Starting out as a street vendor, progressing to a family operation in a modern, state of the art restaurant/production facility, Popcorn Willy has proven itself through time. 

 PopcornWilly.com began in January 2001 to provide the worldwide community, a full line of handmade snack foods, featuring over 70 varieties of gourmet popcorn. Fresh, custom designed theme packs and care packages shipped anywhere, along with great customer support...equals a combination that cannot be beat! Through commitment, experience, and expertise, Popcorn Willy and PopcornWilly.com have established a relationship with their customers that will last a lifetime.